Maximizing your time at a major industry trade show- IBS Recap

Braving temperatures in excess of 115F in Las Vegas- nearly 120F during the drive from So. California to LV-a huge numbers of exhibitors and attendees gathered for the annual International Beauty Show/Spa and Wellness Show at the Las Vegas Convention.   The International Beauty Show or IBS brings together a number of the leading beauty industry suppliers in the Hair, Nail and Skin categories and this show is now co-located with the Spa and Wellness Show.   This showcase featured many major brand suppliers, up and coming brands and a plethora of private label suppliers.   For the would-be exporter or importer trying to supply into this industry it can be quite confusing.  It’s always best to have at least one or two industry contacts before you attend, but even without if you walk the show meticulously and with a discerning eye you can find some interesting products or product concepts.   While tiring,  I walked the entire show over the course of two days and left the show making three really good contacts and identifying another two or three product concepts I believe have export potential.   Now the hard work- follow up with clients, follow up with show contacts and further study and organization of the reams of  product literature I lugged back from Las Vegas.